PETERBOROUGH ENERGY ACTION is a grassroots organization working with the community to transition Our TownPeterborough, New Hampshire to 100% clean, affordable, renewable energy for all. Our aim is to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable heat and transportation by 2050.


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    Our Community Dialogue series is an opportunity for Peterborough residents to voice their hopes, questions, and concerns about an equitable town-wide transition to 100% clean & renewable energy.


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    Calling all Peterborough families, children, and young-at-heart!

    From now until March 31st, create a snow person (or creature) and enter it to win a prize from a local Peterborough business!


    Rules & Details:

    • Build a snow creation (person or creature) that includes a sign related to our 100% renewable energy campaign (feel free to be creative!).
    • Submit a photo of your creation to info@peterboroughenergyaction.org, OR share a photo on your Facebook or Instagram (make sure to tag us!)
    • All suitable entries will be displayed online on our social media & website

    This contest is in support of our 100% Renewable Energy Campaign. If our society does not act urgently to stop climate change, our beautiful, snowy New Hampshire winters will be no more & our snow people will go extinct!

    Peterborough Looks Toward Renewable Future

    Keene Sentinel Source | February 4, 2021

    "We are in an unprecedented crisis, and if we don’t take really bold action now, like right now, it’s going to be devastating,” said Dori Drachman, an educator, naturalist and lead member of Peterborough Energy Action (PEA)...


    Peterborough Energy Action schedules outreach dialogues for renewable energy commitment

    Monadnock Ledger Transcript | February 1, 2021

    Community dialogues are being continually scheduled for Peterborough residents interested in discussing the 2021 warrant article proposing that the town commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 and heat and transportation by 2050...


    How is NH's Climate Changing?

    And What Can We Do About It?

    At our January 21st kickoff event, climate experts from Dartmouth College and UNH joined us online to discuss how New Hampshire is impacted by climate change and how we can help solve the climate crisis.


    Peterborough talk to help kick off campaign for clean-energy goals

    Keene Sentinel Source | January 21, 2021

    PETERBOROUGH — A grassroots group that wants to see Peterborough transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 will host a panel discussion...


    Peterborough Voters to Consider Transition to Clean Energy

    Keene Sentinel Source | December 8, 2020

    PETERBOROUGH — Peterborough voters this spring may consider adopting a goal for the town to shift entirely to renewable energy...


    Renewable Energy Decisions Ahead for Peterborough

    Monadnock Ledger Transcript | December 7, 2020

    Voters could put Peterborough on a track towards 100 percent clean energy for residents and businesses by 2050 at the next Town Meeting, via a warrant article presented to the Select Board on Tuesday...


    Peterborough Energy Action at Peterborough Select Board Meeting

    December 1, 2020

    Dori Drachman, leader of Peterborough Energy Action, makes the case for a renewable energy initiative at the December 1, 2020 Peterborough, New Hampshire, Select Board meeting.

  • READY FOR 100

    Nationally supported, locally run.

    Peterborough Energy Action has joined up with cities and towns across the country to commit to transitioning our community to 100% clean, renewable, and economical energy with the support of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100% program. There are already 5 towns in New Hampshire that have succeeded in making this commitment by bringing the issue into their community’s decision making process. These towns are Keene, Concord, Hanover, Cornish, and Plainfield. Help us make Peterborough the next New Hampshire town to be Ready for 100!


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    Climate change is profoundly impacting our local and global environment, public health, and economy. A renewable and clean energy transition is not only a viable tool to address the climate crisis, but it also presents many economic and social justice opportunities.




    Peterborough has a proud history of climate action. From passing climate-focused resolutions to meeting a portion of municipal electricity demands with renewable energy sources — our community has shown that it cares about Peterborough's role in solving the climate crisis. This Ready for 100% Resolution is the next clear step in executing our town's commitment to a sustainable future.

    Learn more about our town's green accomplishments: PETERBOROUGH'S GREEN HISTORY


  • The Plan


    We want the commitment to and eventual achievement of 100% reliance on renewable energy to benefit 100% of the community. To help ensure that it does, we are reaching out to members of the community to understand the challenges they anticipate in reaching our goal. We have already met with several individuals and held our first community dialogue (online, so we are sharing ideas and not COVID-19). If you are interested in participating in a future community dialogue, go to our Get Involved section to choose a date and register.


    The 100% Renewable Energy resolution will be submitted to the town as a warrant article, or a proposal that goes before the voters at Town Meeting. Here is the 100% Renewable Energy Warrant Article that Peterborough Energy Action will ask to go on the ballot.


    Before Town Meeting, the warrant article will go through several steps. In March, it will be submitted to the town as a petition with at least 25 residents’ signatures. Then in April, the town will hold a Deliberative Session where residents can ask questions and offer amendments to the warrant article.


    If you live in Peterborough, please show your support for the warrant article by signing this petition.

    The Select Board will then vote on whether to recommend the adoption of the warrant article. And finally, it will go before the voters at Town Meeting in May.


    Peterborough’s Town Meeting has 2 parts - a ballot vote on the 2nd Tuesday in May and an Open Session the following day at which residents discuss the remaining warrant articles and vote on them in person. We don’t know yet whether the 100% Renewable warrant article will be decided at the ballot box or at Open Session as this is up to the discretion of the Select Board.


    In order to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, there needs to be a cost effective plan that all residents have access to regardless of income. In other words, we cannot ask everyone to buy solar panels for their homes. Fortunately, the New Hampshire legislature passed the Community Power Law (SB 286) last fall.

    Community power can be an energy game-changer that gives local communities control over their energy supply. The law enables municipalities to purchase and provide electricity for their residents and businesses on a competitive basis. In other words, local governments are able to buy electricity in bulk at wholesale rates from electricity suppliers, while utilities continue to distribute electricity. This style of local, bulk purchasing, known as Community Choice Aggregation in many states, is called Community Power in NH. Among other benefits, community power can enable towns to prioritize renewable energy, lower electricity costs for individuals, and harness private sector innovation. Check out Community Power New Hampshire’s FAQ & Overview of Community Power to learn the ins and outs of implementing community power or visit MonadnockSustainabilityHub.org for more information.

  • "When I was the Select Board Chair in 2017, we unanimously passed a resolution urging the county, the state, and the federal government to 'take prompt and effective measures to rapidly address climate change by promoting and encouraging a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels,'"


    "Now it is time to do even more and become a leader in reducing our carbon footprint town wide. I enthusiastically endorse this warrant article. "


    Read more.


    - Ed Juengst

    "We understand that Peterborough Energy Action is committed to promoting a just and equitable transition to renewable energy for all. Our Unitarian Universalist principles support this action as one step in the process of halting practices that fuel climate change."


    Read more.


    - Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church

    "Prudent action taken now [to mitigate climate change] will be far less costly than the consequences of delayed response and will create a more stable business environment for our community."


    Read more.


    - Robert Hayden, President, Standard Power of America

    "I am encouraged by the efforts of the Peterborough Energy Action team to transition all of Peterborough to renewable energy. It is a bold ambition that will require unprecedented citizen engagement to succeed. They will have my support."


    Read more.


    - Rodney Bartlett, Peterborough Town Administrator

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